It happened – I started to collect Arcade PCBs

I knew that this would happen one day – I like old arcades and I already have a Mame arcade and recently purchased a universal arcade with a ‘Wonderboy in Monsterland’ PCB.

And that really now teased me and I started to actively look for more PCBs. And I found some on ebay for quite a good price and just got them.
Today the two Games arrived:
Sidepocket on YouTube

and Top Secret (aka Bionic command)

Bionic Command on YouTube

And now the next step for me is to create a proper Jamma adapter to be able to use the new PCBs in my Mame cab or (even better) in my universal cab which currently holds Wonderboy.

Expect more articles about pure arcade stuff soon 🙂


Current Games for Sale

formsale or trade

32 in 1 - Atari 2600

This is the list of things that I have for sale or trade at the moment.
If you are interested in an item, please contact me via Twitter.

Master System:
Sonic (cart only, no original packaging, no manual)
Double Dragon (cart only)
F1 Grand Prix (cart only)

Hidden and Dangerous

Fifa 2003,2004,2005,2007
Football manager 2004
NFS underground 2
Dragon Ball Z
GTA – San Andreas
Tekken Tag Tournament
Herr der Ringe

Mega Drive:
MegaGames I (no manual)
Quackshot (no manual)
König der Löwen
Taz in escape from mars (cart only)
Aladdin (no manual)

Sim City (cart only)
Super Mario world (cart only)

Pokemon Stadium (cart only)


Atari 2600:

32 in 1 (cart only)

Retrogamer T-Shirt

I recently created a T-shirt layout for OldAssGamer (@BULLY_DOGG) quoting one of his tweets on Twitter. ( Seems like some people like it as well, so I decided to post it here as well.
You just need to go to (or .de), click on create shirt and look for Nintendo in designs and you’ll find the controller. Just add the text and you are done 🙂

Have fun, and maybe give me and OldAssGamer credit!

(c) of all pictures is

Gamer shirt

Gamer shirt

Variant 2

Variant 2

Flea market pickups today (CW33)

Today was not the best day on the flea market. yes there were a lot of people and it was a dedicated ‘kids market’. That was also the problem. Bargaining with parents who as soon as they think you are bargaining too much, refer to their kids saying: well he/she needs to know what he/she wants for it, is a pain !
So I actually got just some PS2 games, a Gamecube Game, four GBA games and one GBA SP.

Crazy Taxi, Lord of the rings, Mafia and Smuggler’s run for the PS2, Metroid Prime for the Gamecube, a fake Pokemon, a fake Sponge bob, a Simpsons game with ruined label and a legit(!) Tiger woods for the GBA. Ah and the GBA SP I got was working, even though I’ll use it for a front light mod for my Gameboy color.

Not too bad, but could have been better.

Flea market pickups CW33

Flea market pickups CW33

How many games do you own ?

How many games do you have in your collection – overall, all systems?

Pong – still great in 2013

Last month I again found an ebay auction, having a Universum Color-Multi-Game 4006 for sale. That’s basically a pong with just some more games in it like Tennis, Squash and even a shooting game.
And it seems that I’m really lucky lately, because also that one was very close to my home so in reach for a direct pickup.
So I bid on it, got it for a reasonable price and immediately head of to pick it up.
30 Minutes later back home I tried it out and was very disappointed at first as I was not able to get it to work. I though it could be broken like the seller told me.
After a couple of attempts I found out that just my LCD was not able to find the right channel for the Universum. So I manually adjusted the channel and “ta-daa” – works 🙂

Ok, the picture is still not 100%, but I did nor dare to open the thing yet to internally adjust the channel. So far the blurred picture just enhances the retro gaming feeling 🙂

And the funny thing is that my two boys like to play Pong even more than their Nintendo DS ! Good old times !

Universum Multi-Game 4006

Universum Multi-Game 4006

Good old times !

Good old times !

10 DS and 12 GBA games – Successful trip to Armenia

Recently I was on a trip to Armenia and it really was meant to be a business trip only. But lucky as I am, I had a talk with a colleague of mine about my hobby to collect old retro consoles and games and he told me that there was a website called ( which is like Craigslist and that from time to time there would be also old consoles and games sold there.
Guess what I did first after coming back to the hotel ? Yes, checking for potential bargains or treasures 🙂 And yes there was ! One offer was about 10 Nintendo DS games, including Zelda Four Swords and Mario Kart and additionally 12 Game Boy Advance game, also including a Zelda, Tetris Worlds and Pac-man.
The price was so far yet unknown to me, so I asked my colleague to call them and clarify the details as I’m not speaking Armenian 🙂
To my surprise, the package also included a black Nintendo DS lite which was not even mentioned on the web. Well, knowing what quality you usually get on ebay when you buy used hardware, I was not expecting much here. But nevertheless, I decided to jump into a taxi and go there. Just to have a look.
And I was very positively surprised !
All the games were in perfect condition, no scratch on the label, nothing and the Nintendo DS had no usage marks at all. Ok, no original packaging for the games, but that would have been too much to ask for 🙂

And the price finally was such a bargain that I needed to get the complete package immediately. Now I have another 22 Games and another DS (the 4th) in my collection.

Very successful day !

Nintendo DS games from Yerevan

Nintendo DS games from Yerevan

GBA games from Yerevan

GBA games from Yerevan

Black Nintendo DS from Yerevan

Black Nintendo DS from Yerevan

new Gamecube ebay pickups

Just yesterday I found an auction which was about to end (5 minutes left). Quickly checked the location, 2km away from me, so I needed to bid on that.

5 minutes later 4 new games for the Gamecube have been added to my collection. Just picked it up right before work.
Sadly there are two manuals missing, but anyhow. I did not have them and I’m happy 🙂

And additionally the guy told me that he has way more games for NES, SNES, Gamecube, PS1 etc.! He’s now doing a list for me, maybe there’s be another pickup soon. Maybe with a different transportation like a truck or so ! 😀


Today’s flea market pickups (CW32)

Today’ pickups: not too good but ok for a short visit on the flea market.
5 PS2 games, 2 DS games and 1 Gameboy cartridge.

Had none of them, so the collection grows 😉


DIY – New Master System ‘joystick’

Ok, it happened again. While playing a game, in this case Secret Command, I recognized the flaws of the Master System Gamepad. It’s simply not suitable for shooters I think. And worn out as well.
So I decided to take one of the many Quick Shot II Joysticks I have and build a Master System joystick out of it.
Very easy as it’s only one pin that needs to be connected additionally. The pinout can be found here:
Well the downside, the connector of the Master System gamepad has not all 9 pins connected. So I needed to sacrifice one of my Atari “Paddles” (I have a couple) as this connector has 8 pins connected.
The main part of the job was to take the joystick apart and remove the connection from one of the fire buttons (they are both usually connected as Fire Button 1) and rewire it to use Pin 9 which is fire button 2.
Easy job and after reassembling I have a full working Joystick for the Master System.
See some pictures below from the build process. If you have any questions or need more detailed pictures, let me know.

Quick Shot Pro II

Quick Shot Pro II

Atari paddle I took apart

Atari paddle I took apart

Fire button rewired

Fire button rewired

Using Pin 9 for Fire button 2

Using Pin 9 for Fire button 2

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